We’re always looking for new voices to join our conversation about the modern veterinary world, and it is with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of our newest guest blogger. You may already know of Elle Payne, although you’d probably know her better by her online persona, The Positive Vet Nurse. Elle likes to discuss all things related to nursing, with an emphasis on mental wellbeing and how to maintain a good work-life balance. Today, for her debut blog with us, Elle will talk about how you can find your nurse niche, and get the most out of your experience.

Finding your niche

A niche can be described as a comfortable or suitable position in life. As registered veterinary nurses, our journey of progression doesn’t have to just stop there. I believe nurses should feel empowered in their job role and should be encouraged to progress and learn new skills within their career.

The importance of having a niche

A niche within veterinary nursing will provide you with confidence, benefit your self-esteem, improve your knowledge, make you feel empowered and also keep you enthusiastic. Many nurses can feel burnt out and suffer with compassion fatigue which can cause feelings of exhaustion, depression and hopelessness. Finding a niche helps you to believe that there is so much you can do within your career to make you happy and positive.

Ideas of niches

Specialise: You could decide to begin a course or certificate to advance your nursing career, for example, anaesthesia, emergency & critical care, cardiology and exotic nursing.

Become a blogger: If assignments and exams just aren’t for you, you could become a veterinary blogger posting about your nursing experiences.

Get more practical: You could do more schedule 3 work and perform minor surgeries such as stitch up procedures and dental scale & polishes in practice.

Advocate: You could become an advocate for something you are passionate about such as mental health awareness, small furries or weight management by creating boards for public education and creating special events for clients to visit and learn.

Document yourself: Our world relies on the internet, you could create a YouTube channel about veterinary nursing, get involved in podcasts or create audio clips for student nurses.

Become an author or speaker: If you enjoy sharing your knowledge why not get your work published in veterinary journals or host a CPD event.


The possibilities in the veterinary world are endless and opportunities are out there for you to grow and progress. Finding a niche can be fun, reduce stress, but most importantly make veterinary nurses feel empowered!

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