Being a bunny advocate myself, I found this webinar really interesting and armed with me new tips to take into practice.

The structure of the webinar was really easy to follow and Jo made it very clear to understand the key points in running rabbit clinics. Preparation is paramount when setting up rabbit clinics, for example: ensuring staff feel competent in doing general checks, using up-to-date literature when advising clients and ensuring the owner is engaged in the clinic and that a bond is being maintained. Jo made suggestions about preparing owners with materials and how to market the clinics via social media and other methods of communication.

I think running rabbit clinics can seem really daunting to veterinary nurses and I would definitely recommend this webinar to anyone who is unsure running rabbit clinics or who would like to broaden their knowledge further. Personally, I love doing rabbit clinics in practice and find it most enjoyable, but after watching this webinar I managed to take away more information I can use for my next consultation, such as allowing the rabbit to walk around the consult room before examining it, paying attention to its movement and behaviour whilst gaining history from the owner.

Jo covered all year round clinics which I thought was a fantastic idea and haven’t seen this being done before but would like to promote this in my practice for example: summer clinics promoting parasite treatments against problems such as flystrike. Pre-op clinics were mentioned in the webinar which I found to be one of the most important topics. As rabbits are prey species they don’t normally tend to show signs of pain or illness, without pre-op clinics rabbits may be going under anaesthetic with concurrent problems, therefore making their ASA score higher and an increased mortality risk. Jo made a good point in saying pre-op checks in rabbits should be done at least 6 weeks prior to elective surgery which I agree would be paramount in ensuring a better welfare impact for these animals.

Overall, I found this webinar very informative and has made me think more holistically about rabbits for when they next come into practice. I am also looking forward to teaching what I have learnt to other and improving rabbit health all year round.

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