Today is your weekly reminder that we are now only two months away from Christmas, and that we will soon be into the year 2020, just to make you all feel old when you realise you still think of 2005 as being ten years ago. We’re entering 2020 in style, with our signature Virtual Congress still to look forward to. However, you don’t have to wait that long to get some goodies, because we’ve got a new Health and Wellbeing course starting on 8th January, perfectly timed to help you recover from the post-festivities blues.

The fantastic Mike Scanlan is back again to give us another insight into the complexity of the human mind. In this new series, Mike will elucidate about Veterinary Profession Specific Mental Health First Responder Training. When it comes to an unfolding medical emergency, the first response is often the most important. This is true of physical health, and mental health too. A first responder is trained to look out for the signs of a mental health problem, whether it be overt or subtle. It is their job to intervene before a problem escalates to a crisis. They do no provide medical help, but they guide the person to the relevant place to get that help.

This course offers a new and exciting approach to tackling mental health problems, by taking the burden away from the individual and making us all responsible for the wellbeing of each other. As our attitude to mental illness becomes more open and honest, this is a much better way to tackle the issue head on, and ensure that nobody has to suffer in silence.

To find out more about this course, just click here.