Here it comes, what a surprise,

Here it comes – feast your eyes!

Virtual Congress is one week away,

And there’s just so much to say,

About this super cyber symposium

That it would only cause pandemonium

To cram it all into one press release.

Because this is surely our masterpiece,

The place replete with CPD

Of the highest pedigree.

All delivered through cyberspace,

So you can watch any time, any place.

We wish we had the space to explain

Everything you have to gain;

We’d like to expound

On all to be found.

We wish we could give a proper preview,

About every topic, subject and issue.

We wish we had the time to proclaim

Each of our wonderful speakers by name.

But we only had time,

To put it in this rhyme.

So, one last thing, before we digress;

Please do come to Virtual Congress!