The CPD event of the year has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. You can now get hold of all the recordings, which will be available for you to watch for a whole year.

We had a great turn out to the congress, and we’ve had some even greater feedback. Here’s what a few of our viewers had to say about some of our speakers:

Kenton Cool

Excellent interesting keynote and still relevant to how we approach our own jobs and everyday life

An excellent, inspiring presentation! A valuable insight into climbing mountains such as Everest, but essential life lessons. Thank you!

Truly inspirational – really makes you think about everyday life in a whole new way, and how you could change, for example stress management as a vet. As a “mountaineer” on a far smaller scale and having trekked in the Himalayas in 1997 before children, this was an amazing insightful key note speech! Thank you

Pete Mantis and Martha Cannon

This was very clear and just perfect, thank you..

Extraordinary presentation, game changer.

This speaker is amazing, thank you for such a great webinar!

Fantastic comprehensive talk, thank you!

Thank you and everyone there- superb opportunity and have really enjoyed the content so far!

All the presentations of small animals were great

Luca Ferasin, Susan Little and Stephen White

Two more brilliant presentations!! Loving this!!

Although I have heard several talks about coughing dogs this was the most enlightening! Excellent! Videos are very useful and I will request them from my clients if they can provide them. Thank you!

Luca Ferasin- fantastic talk, challenging and reconsidering old ideas. More from this speaker next year please!

John Hill and John Waterhouse

Both excellent talks! John Hill’s was a fascinating insight into honeybees. Lost of useful information about OA to put into practice. Thank you
John Hill’s talk on bees was truly outstanding. Is it possible he could finish his talk for the recordings? We were just getting to the diseases part.
The bee webinar was the best thing ever thank you so much my dad is a beekeeper (I just make the mead) and so much of what he says fits into context now!
Thank you very much for two excellent webinars!

Ben Fogle

Excellent talk mind blowing I wish we have more of these talks all over the world. Thank you very much, indeed it made my day and more…

Fascinating insight into Ben Fogle’s life and makes you admiring of his determination/endurance but realise our own as a vet and in life generally

Ben Fogle is a fascinating individual. Absolutely extraordinary what he has done after being the kid who avoided games at school !

A most valuable and informative, interesting and entertaining account! An excellent speaker! Thank you

Absolutely loved this! Thank you

Had no idea what to expect but really enjoyed Ben’s talk. Very inspiring and confidence filling if that’s the right phrase?

Rob Pope

Great work, great content. Thank you all.

Great talk…living in the US the scale of Rob’s achievement is all too real to me (I’m a UK graduate)

Rob is brilliant and very insightful. Thank you.