The coronavirus crisis has thrown everything into turmoil and we, as a profession, are having to find new ways of working. Similarly, for conferences, we have already helped a number of conferences go online.

I was so pleased that we could help our friends at NZVA to get the World Veterinary Association Congress online at short notice. We are putting the talks online as we speak and launching the “Veterinary professionals of the World Unite” with a WVA summit on Global Warming and Climate Change with high profile speakers from WHO, OIE and FAO. This is free for all vets and nurses in the world to attend!

Over the 3 week festival, we have streams on companion animal topics, aquaculture, veterinary business, animal welfare, equine, dairy, beef, sheep, deer, nursing large and small animals, veterinary public health and becoming more digital.

More details on the programme will be released over the next 3 weeks but I wanted to give you some highlights.

  • Lynelle Johnson will be discussing respiratory disease in cats and dogs; covering subjects such as canine nasal disease, pulmonary hypertension and tracheobronchomalacia in dogs.
  • On 2nd May we will be running a live seminar on equine welfare with well-recognised experts in the field speaking including Joe Collins, Josh Slater, Natalie Waran and Roly Owers. You can register for this free event here
  • We will also be delving into the Covid19 issue with Michael Baker who is a vet but has been involved at NZ government level to contain the pandemic in New Zealand with impressive results.
  • Neil Sargison is a well-known sheep vet and professor at the Royal Dick in the UK and he will be giving several lectures including some on ovine parasitology.
  • Sarah Haldane will be training nurses in caring for critically ill patients and how to transfuse them.
  • Wendy Baltzer will be giving several lectures on the orthopaedic patient.

There is so much more going on and we will be releasing lectures throughout the festival. Obviously we are doing this at short notice and the team is running at 100 miles an hour to get it all done with the incredible partnership of NZVA too. We want this festival to be a chance for vets and nurses and students to get together to support each other during this crisis and to learn amazing new information and thus become better vets.

You can get your early bird ticket to the event for just £97+VAT if you secure your place before the 25th of April, so don’t miss out

Please look out for our social media posts and feel free to share. We’d love to see you at the festival