I’m writing this quite late because I’ve been doing a podcast with Ben Sweeney, Head of Simply Locums and podcaster extraordinaire and Leanne Fecser, Head of Education and Events at NZVA – you can listen to the podcast here. I then stopped to mindfully watch the hedgehogs feeding in my front garden which is always lovely to see.

We’ve been blessed with lovely weather this week and I’ve tried to get out once a day to do my exercise either walking or on the bike. I’m right by the beach which I love all throughout the year but particularly when it is warm!

The BVA COVID-19 webinars continue to attract big crowds and, I think, have been incredibly valuable for the profession. Do consider joining if you are not already a member. I feel incredibly proud of all my vet and nurse colleagues who are going into work and looking after the animals. I’m humbled by your courage and commitment.

I definitely remember you during the clap each week! My team and I have also been very busy attempting to support you all with your learning and also putting together an amazing festival of learning ” Veterinary Professionals of the World Unite” in less than a month in collaboration with NZVA and WVA. To say the conference is amazing is an understatement!

We start with a One Health symposium Saturday night UK time/Sunday morning NZ time and follow up with further symposia on equine welfare, COVID-19 and how to become more digital. Interspersed amongst the symposia is a lot of recorded content and 2 webinars every weekday covering every conceivable angle within veterinary science.

I do hope you are keeping well mentally, physically and spiritually at this time. I know it can be tough. Please feel free to contact me personally on anthony@thewebinarvet.com if I or my team can be any help.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love Anthony