Another week in lockdown and I have to say that I am coping quite well. My wife is working a week on and a week off at the school as one of the senior leaders and it’s lovely to have little tea breaks throughout the day.

Having said that, I and the team are very busy running the 36th World Veterinary Association’s congress with the NZVA as a 3 week festival. We are a week into the festival nearly and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m on all of the live webinars and there is a lot of recorded content which is available too. Working with NZVA has been amazing and we have turned the physical event into the online festival in about 4 weeks. I’ve been so proud of both teams.

I don’t practice anymore but I have loved all the sessions and I would encourage you to look at these if you have bought a ticket. It’s not too late and if you are a WVA member you can get it for 20% off. Simply click here to claim the discount, which is automatically applied at checkout.

Aside from the congress, we are helping companies to take their events online and I’m looking forward to the rabbit online congress organised by Natalia Strokowska at VetNoLimits. Natalia is an inspirational vet from Poland who amazes me with her energy and work capacity. Charly Pignon and Elisabetta Mancinelli will be the speakers at the event which will have a lot of cool social media elements to it thanks to Natalia’s skills in this area. Click here to find out more.

I do hope you are getting out and enjoying our great weather even if you are very busy and I do hope that you are coping with the various deprivations.

We are making all our Mind Matters Initiative material available free of charge throughout May in order to support you. You can get access to it here

Take care,