We have loved seeing all of your nominations come in for vet nurses who you think deserve a treat. There have been so many wonderful nominations it was almost impossible to pick just a few so we want to say a huge thank you to those who nominated and also all vet nurses for all of your incredible work – we wish we could give a prize to every one of you!

Take a look at some of the winners below and the reason they were nominated:

Brett Donnelly, nominated by Danielle Greenberg

Brett has worked so hard through the lockdown. Just a tiny team of 3, he has kept us smiling and organised throughout. Bringing treats, working on reflection and future planning.

He is an incredible vet nurse, a dedicated professional, ultimate team player. It’s been a very tough 6 weeks, he cancelled his planned annual leave, has been in every day and sadly had to put his very sick pup to sleep last week. He really really deserves recognition and a lovely treat.

Phillipa, nominated by Tegan Wright

Phillippa goes above and beyond to make sure our patients receive the very best dental care. She has become a dental advocate, educating other members of staff on how to use dental X-rays, and encouraged us all to do the BSAVA oral care certificate. She is a qualified pet first aider and educates owners, has brought laser therapy into our practice and has started doing a certificate in dentistry whilst planning for a wedding!

Becky Wood, nominated by Sheena Lewis

She’s the perfect member of any veterinary team. She’s caring and dedicated to all her patients and also cares about the clients and their wellbeing. She’s brilliant at her job and so many animals owe their lives and happiness to her dedication.

She knows when every team members birthday is and is always the one to organise a surprise card or present or a party. She’s the one who is a shoulder to cry on if you’re struggling and also the one who would record yourselves doing a stupid dance in the prep room on a quiet day.

She had her first baby 3 days ago. And due to the distancing restrictions, she wasn’t able to work her last few weeks before maternity leave so missed her leaving lunch party and her last few weeks working with her work-family, she was gutted. We had to cancel her baby shower as well which was really sad for her given that she has always been the one to organise baby showers and leaving parties for everyone else.

Living in isolation with your first newborn is going to be tough but it’s heartbreaking to think she will have to do it when Bex would be the first person to be by the side of any friend or family member who needed her. I thought she could really do with some chocolates.
We love you Bex <3

Sarah Knight, nominated by Emma Ford

Sarah’s dedication to the British Army over her 16-year career is outstanding. She absolutely loves being an RVN she was so proud to qualify, she cares so much about the dogs and horses she looks after, Sarah’s role is not only a Vet Tech but Clinical troop Sgt where she makes sure all the equipment and practices are up to a very high standard and oversees the other VTs and RVNs. In the photo, you can see Sarah and her daughter at one of the open days where is was dressing up the children as vets and nurses and explaining what she does. Sarah definitely deserves a little treat. 

Sinead Bruce, nominated by Pauline Coutts

One of the most caring, selfless, cheerful nurses I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have Lupus, and when I am having a not so great/painful/useless at being an efficient nurse day , she picks up the slack with nary a change of pace. She has kept my morale up, but more importantly, she has let me continue to nurse because she has my back. So, I nominate Sinead for this wonderful gift, because without her, I couldn’t be me. 

Naomi Heard, nominated by Kate Williams

She’s a bloody good, caring nurse. She is brilliant with the patients and never too busy to lend a hand. Need extra help with a critical patient at the end of the day, Naomi will stay behind to help you out. Almost have to throw her out the building sometimes. She is very generous with her time, really caring and extremely attentive to detail. She’s a fantastic nurse in normal times, in these current turbulent times she has proven yet again that she plays for the team. When Covid19 hit she had the dilemma of her dedication to work against the risk of going back home to her dad who is currently highly at risk. As a result, Naomi has moved out of her home to allow her to protect her family & continue her work. She’s missing her family & feeling the pain of being separated from her dog but she remains a cheerful, supportive excellent nurse. She really deserves something to cheer her up. I really hope she does know how much we appreciate her. She would probably be very embarrassed to know I’m writing this, but she deserves the acknowledgement

Kayleigh Davies, nominated by Chris Davies

She defines what a vet nurse should be – compassionate to a fault and confident with her patients and beyond caring for any animal, big or small. She’s so tough and resolute but this treat would absolutely help go towards bringing some much-needed cheer back into her life at the moment.

Sue Barron, nominated by Chloe Hannigan

I want to show her how appreciated she is as Sue has been truly holding the nursing fort at a practice I locum at regularly. It’s a small practice with 3 nurses, one of whom is pregnant, and the other one apart from Sue is a first-year student. It means that for the past few months Sue has been stepping up to cover tasks that neither of the other nurses are able to do due to pregnancy or inexperience. She never complains, is really fun to work with, and is a great nurse who really cares about her patients. She is very attentive and hard-working, and from a vet point of view, she keeps us all on track and is usually one step ahead. She deserves to be recognised for her dedication and nursing skills, and I don’t know where we would have been without her!

Lucy Smith, nominated by Lucy

Lucy always motivates our team, she’s super supportive and a great nurse. She’s always striving for the best for the animals, no matter what. She works so hard – in and out of work – to always improve things for our team, she even made us an OSCE practical dog (with a bladder and a stomach). All her pets are rescues or sign overs from work, we all really appreciate her hard work and she deserves something for herself!

Kayte Beech, nominated by Helen Connor

Dedicated newly qualified nurse, who has gone through a tough time as COVID19, stopped her from getting married. She is dedicated to her job and will go the extra mile to help, covering extra shifts and staying late to finish tasks. 

Cathy Preedy, nominated by Anna Moore

During this pandemic, Cathy has been a star. We are working on skeleton staff, and I am the only vet as the owner of a small practice the other has been furloughed to save money. Cathy has been by my side working diligently, taking the helm to give me a break and today she came in on a Sunday afternoon to watch a patient I didn’t want to send to our OOH provider. 

Mel Griffiths, nominated by Amy

Mel has loved animals from a young age, I have seen her work so hard, volunteering much of her time and putting in so many hours of studying in order to pursue her career ambition of being a veterinary nurse. She is a credit to her veterinary practice, she is the kindest and most caring individual who will always go above and beyond to help and support where she can! In a time where her close family have been deeply affected by the Coronavirus, she has continued to work without a fuss and 100% deserves a special treat! 

A huge thank you to Tails.com for making this whole event possible and for donating prizes to all of our lucky winners! Find out more about them here and enjoy their free CPD webinars here