WVAC2020 got off to a flying start, with over 4000 vets registered from 103 countries across the globe to join us for this incredibly exciting event! We are so excited to have been able to take all of NZVA’s hard work and continued support and overcome the barriers of Covid-19 to bring this fantastic event to even more vets!

Here are just a few of the sessions we’ve enjoyed so far and what attendees had to say!

Key aspects of interpreting radiographs of the vomiting patient – Angela Hartman

Benjamin Berlyne – 5/5 – Best lecture I have had in years on Xrays, very informative. Very useful in practice. Thank you.

Lynn Campbell – 5/5 – Most useful, practical hour of CPD ever! Thank you

Emily Ross – 5/5 – This is a truly excellent webinar. This is a subject I have always wanted more confidence in and I can take what I have learned straight into practice

Kate Golaszewski – 5/5 – Great lecture- very informative and lots of take-home info I can use right away. Thanks

Feline uveitis: just intraocular lymphadenopathy

Chris Welland – 5/5 – David’s a fabulous speaker. Really enjoyable and very informative

Lisa McIntosh – 5/5 – Loved this! Informative and energetically delivered?

Protein-losing enteropathies: managing these challenging case by Craig Ruaux

Chris Welland – 5/5 – Thanks Craig. (trying to) manage a case of severe panhypoproteinemia ( with ascites and weight loss) in a middle-aged briard. Your talk was very timely. Thanks for the tips especially the chlorambucil and the ice cream 🙂

The itchy dog by Debbie Simpson

Kate Golaszewski – 5/5 – Thanks – really enjoyed that lecture (and derm is one of my least fave things so thats really saying something)!

Umesh Sontakke – 5/5 – Very informative and nicely presented ..Thanks for sharing information

Lameness and orthopedic examination by Wendy Baltzer

Iva Velevska – 5/5 – Really informative talk and systematic approach to ortho exam – video examples really useful! Thank you Wendy!

Vanessa Johnson – 5/5 – Very practical and helped fine-tune my orthopaedic exam!

Jennifer Leslie – 5/5 – Excellent talk! Very informative!

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