I’ve been banging on about being a more digital business for the last 4 or 5 years. In fact, I’ve lectured on it and discussed how I felt that businesses that didn’t embrace digital would slowly wither away over the next 5 years. Covid-19 has changed that and many businesses including veterinary practices will disappear over the next 6-12 months. It’s scary times and I feel an obligation to help you in this area. When SPVS and VMG had to cancel their physical events because of Covid-19, I stepped in to help keep the digital day afloat by offering our, (surprise, surprise) digital expertise. I have helped chair this particular day in the past when it was a physical event and I can highly recommend it.

It’s happening on 23rd June as a two stream event with some leading lights of the digital world particularly looking at telemedicine and client communication post Covid-19.
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Peter and Rob have been ringing our practices and many owners and practice managers are either furloughed or too busy at the coal face to commit. I get it! I had my own practice for 15 years and ran a derm referral service for 20 years. There are a lot of things that can keep you busy without adding in non-clinical CPD, except this day might help your business to survive post-Covid. Think about it! If your business does not become more digital pretty quickly, it might not make it through the next 12 months.

In 2003, I was at a very low point in my life. My wife had left me and taken my two children abroad. I read a book called “The emyth revisited” by Michael Gerber. It was a transformational thesis on the importance of working on your business not just in it all the time. Previous to that, I had read “The 7 habits of highly effective people”. I embarked on a 3 year journey with an emyth coach, Adam Traub, in America to systemise my business; to spend time thinking about my business not just about clinical cases.

I’ve invested in myself heavily ever since and this openness to outside influences helped me to bring webinar training to the veterinary profession but I had to take risks. I went to internet conferences; I joined mastermind groups; I went outside my comfort zone and I’ve built something at The Webinar Vet that I’m very proud about. My team and I have created something that helps many vets and nurses throughout the world.

Now I’m not saying that going to the SPVS/VMG day will be transformational but I can be certain that not going definitely won’t be transformational. There are 2 streams and both will be recorded and available to view on SPVS/VMG’s Whova app post event so if the date is not convenient you can still attend at your leisure.

There aren’t many vets or practice managers attending. They are all busy dealing with urgent, important events at their practice- fire brigade work. At this time, I would implore you to be contrarian. How will vet practice be different in the next 3 years? Do you want to be at the front of the wave in this change period or be a laggard in the back. The choice is yours!

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This course could change your life and then again it might not but I encourage you to be one of the few to buy a ticket and see what the future looks like in vet practice and then be part of the change, leading from the front.

Wishing you love and best wishes in these trying times,
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