To kick us off, the UK has successfully gone 2 months without burning coal, the longest period since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution [link]

Next, Band-Aid announces has announced that they will finally make bandages for darker skin tones [link]

A 90-year-old couple reunites after wife recovers from COVID-19. It was the longest they’ve been apart in their 67-year marriage [link]

Diego the tortoise ‘retired’ from reproduction and returned to his natural environment after saving Galápagos island species after fathering around 800 offspring [link]

And finally, disadvantaged children will receive six months of free internet through BT’s Wi-Fi voucher scheme [link]

What’s on this week

We’ve got some fantastic free CPD kicking us off this week with “How to leverage innovations in medication delivery?” which will cover innovations in chemotherapy, disposable syringes and catheterization, delivered Stuart Ford-Fennah and Kirsty Sanders on Monday 22 June, 8:00pm BST. This webinar free to attend thanks to Becton Dickinson, you can register for it here

Coming up on Tuesday 23rd June , 12:30pm is “Lead RVN: What’s in a name?”  presented by  Gillian A. Page. This webinar is free to attend thanks to VN Futures and you can register for it here.

On Wed 24th June at 8pm, we’re lucky enough to be joined by Martha Cannon for “Feline Asthma and Bronchitis – An Update on Diagnosis and Management“. This webinar is free to attend thanks to BreathEazy and you can register here

Joining us on Thursday 25th at 8.30pm is Sarah Gibson, for “Low Flow Anaesthesia” which is free to attend for Unlimited Members only, or you can get access for £40+VAT here

And last but certainly not least, on Sunday at 12.30pm, BVA President Daniella Dos Santos will be presenting “COVID-19 and the veterinary profession (28th June)” – this webinar is free to register for here

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