I went to a Vet Futures event about 4 years ago and listened to Nick Stace, then CEO of RCVS, speak about how every business was a digital business or at least needed to be. Of course, I agreed with him wholeheartedly. I’ve led the online CPD revolution for vets and nurses. 10 years ago nobody knew what a webinar was in the veterinary profession, now it is one of the most popular ways that vets and nurses learn. It’s probably now the most popular during lockdown for our community with a fivefold increase in webinar views compared with this time last year. I’ve talked about the need to be more digital for years with limited success. Coronavirus has been a much better teacher with many people realising that they have to run their businesses differently. But where to start…

A good place would be the SPVS/VMG digital day on Tuesday 23rd June. If I’m being honest, ticket sales haven’t been great which amazes me because the content is so relevant but people are so busy working in their business that they don’t have time to think and work on their business. I’m a bit of a contrarian. If everyone is walking away from something, I’ll walk towards. If no one from the vet space is attending a conference, I might go to see if they can teach us anything. I went to IBM’s conference last autumn and it was amazing. There won’t be many colleagues at the digital day which is the reason you should be there.

Think about it and then buy your ticket. Here’s the link

Tonight, we are holding a webinar entitled ” How to leverage innovations in medication delivery” 

This webinar may not qualify for our most exciting title for a webinar competition but I’m really excited about the content. In particular, how we deliver chemotherapy safely to our patients and to avoid risk to the team and also their range of environmentally friendly syringes. I remember spending many an hour with Norma at Bett The Vets surgery on Priory Rd boiling up syringes and needles so they could be used again! The new normal post-Covid will, I hope, be more thoughtful to the environment. Hope to see you on the webinar! If you miss out, you’ll also get a link to the recordings so make sure you’re registered here

I’ve been blown away this week by the response of our vet nurses to our new partnership with the innovative pet insurance company, Bought by Many. In these disruptive times, we’ve come together to take one worry away from nurses, how to pay for your CPD this year. 10,000 nurses will get 11 hours of free CPD this year, enough to fulfil regulatory requirements. Now, of course, the more training you do, the better you become but everyone has to do the minimum! Nurses will watch a short Bought by Many video and answer a short survey and will then be granted access to the 11 hours. These places will run out soon, so click on the link to register and enjoy with our and Bought by many’s compliments

Register here

I’m off for my dinner now. I hope you are keeping well

Take care,