We’re back again with another 5 pieces of good news to brighten your week – plus all of the webinars we’ve got coming up this week at The Webinar Vet.

We’re kicking off this week with the story of a teacher from Java who identified that that online classes wouldn’t be an option for kids in remote areas – so he got on a motorcycle and brought the learning to them, come rain, hail or shine [link]

Next, there’s the greek island which is set to become the first without any stray dogs thanks to “Zero Stray Pawject” [link]

Plus, wildlife enthusiasts are delighted over the news of baby elephant twins reported from Minneriya National Park in Sri Lanka [link]

Bee populations in Pakistan have soared after the results of their as Billion Tree Project as the trees begin to mature [link]

And finally, a supermarket security guard has gone viral after showing some love by holding an umbrella over a patiently waiting dog when it started to rain [link]

What’s on this week?

Kicking us off on Tuesday at 12.30pm is some fantastic free CPD from The Links Project covering “The Link between animal abuse and domestic violence; implications for veterinary teams during Covid-19 and beyond” delivered by Paula Boyden, Caroline Allen and Mike Flynn. This webinar is free to attend thanks to The Links Project and you can register to attend live or be the first to get the recordings here.

And on Thursday, we’re joined by Myles McKenna for “Canine Leishmaniosis: what vets in the UK need to know” at 8.30pm for our weekly member’s webinar. This webinar is free to attend for out Unlimite members or you can get access for £40+VAT here