When building a house, make sure you have strong foundations. If the foundations are falling apart, then prop them up or update them. That’s the basic idea behind CPD but we can often use CPD to focus on the shiniest or most exciting things. It’s so important to look back on the basics and make sure that our approach is up to date. It’s one of the ways to make sure that you’re not stuck ‘behind the times’ and avoid the ‘I’m not wrong, it’s all these new vets piping up that are wrong’ syndrome.

This weeks Members Webinar was ‘The problem of persistent proteinuria!’ and was presented by James McMurrough BVSc CertAVP(SAM) CertAVP(VC) MRCVS. The webinar approached the proteinuric patient from the start and followed all the way through. I won’t summarise the whole webinar – that takes away the fun of watching it – but I will say that the webinar was an absolutely incredible revision tool for myself and others that I’ve talked with. Covering pathophysiology, imaging, testing, differentials, treatment and finally monitoring it feels like we’re being taken through the full pathway that a case will present in clinical practice.

I’ve never considered knowledge on renal function to be my strongest point. I’d say I’m about average, but with lots of room for growth. I think that’s the whole point though of these seemingly ‘simple’ webinars, to notice that maybe we all have room for growth even in areas that we’re comfortable in. Perhaps comfort isn’t what we should be striving for, but instead for a deeper and deeper knowledge of things that present daily. That’s not to say it can’t get confusing or overwhelming at times. James McMurrough does a great job of keeping proteinuria at an accessible level throughout the webinar with his clear presentation of this symptom.

Like most things, proteinuria is best understood when broken up into pieces – prerenal, renal, and postrenal. These bite sized chunks grow and blossom into a whole list of differential diagnoses. James McMurrough is an absolute gem and takes us through these and I also found the incredibly useful document in the ‘Release Notes’ tabs which goes over the slides. I love having printouts – I would plaster my walls with them if I could – so definitely recommend looking at that document.

Next weeks webinar is on Leishmaniosis in the UK. I’ll most definitely be making a document on Leishmaniosis because it’s unfortunately being seen more and more common in general practice in the UK. I will of course be posting my thoughts right here on the blog as well! You can find the link for it here: https://www.thewebinarvet.com/webinar/canine-leishmaniosis-what-vets-in-the-uk-need-to-know

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