We’re back again with another 5 pieces of good news to brighten your week – plus all of the webinars we’ve got coming up this week at The Webinar Vet.

First, amazing news from Finland as they have successfully ended homelessness in the country and provided shelter for all those in need, with an 80% rehabilitation success rate [link]

The “Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine” has been anonymously gifting alcoholic treats in communities across America in a movement of “wine fairies” [link]

More than two million people gathered in northern India last week while practising social distancing, and planted 250 million trees as part of a government plan to tackle climate change [link]

And finally, Pakistan have met UN climate change goal a decade ahead of deadline [link]

What’s coming up this week

On Tuesday, we’re kicking off with our monthly nurse webinar “Reproductive Diseases in Chelonia” presented by Sonya Miles on 21st July at 8pm. This webinar is free to attend for our nurse and unlimited members – or you can get access for £40+VAT here.

On Wednesday 22nd at 8pm, we’ve got some fantastic free CPD from the guys at Vet Sustain covering “Vet Sustain: Leveraging change for a sustainable future” presented by Gudrun Ravetz and Laura Higham. You can register for this webinar for free here.

And finally, on Thursday night, we’ve got Juan Carlos Serra joining us at 8.30pm for “Radiotherapy in dogs and cats: what do I need to know?”. This webinar is free to attend for Unlimited members or you can get access for £40+VAT here.