This past week has been an exciting time! We’ve got three quick links to veterinary news articles that we think you’ll like to hear about…

We’ve been spending our spare time listening to the great podcast “Borborygmi – Noise from the Veterinary World”. Produced by London Vet Show, Vets: Stay Go Diversify, and Smashing The Ceiling. You can find it on your streaming service of choice (we like Spotify!) [link]

Our upcoming WCVD9 2020 (World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology) has been featured in Veterinary Practice – you can catch the article here.

For the students among our community, VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directory) is launching 2-week EMS placements starting in July 2021. A great opportunity to explore interests and gain relevant experience. You can find out more about it here.

We hope that you enjoy the links and feel a bit more up to date with the news. As always, happy watching! 

We’ve got some more veterinary news here if this article hasn’t satisfied your cravings enough!