We’re back again with another 5 pieces of good news to brighten your week – plus all of the webinars we’ve got coming up this week at The Webinar Vet.

As we celebrated Global Tiger Day this week, India have released promising statistics of the fact that their tiger population has nearly doubled in the last 12 years [link]

Next, there’s the story of the Washington man who rescued 2.4 million pounds of famers’ crops going to waste by successfully shipping them across hit state to foodbanks who needed it [link].

More positive environmental news came from Costa Rica this week with the story of how Costa Rica successfully slowed, stopped and reversed deforestation in the country and saved its biodiversity [link].

And finally, a wonderful article from Vice covering the swathes of people getting their racist or hateful tattoos covered in a boom of such requests [link].

What’s on this week

On Thursday (6th) night, we’ll be joined by expert Ron Ofri for “Applied anatomy of the fundus – making sense of what I see in the ophthalmoscope”. This webinar is free to attend for our Unlimited members or you can get access for £40+VAT here.

On Sunday 2nd August at 7pm, we’re joined by Dr Mike Scanlan for our monthly meditation session, which is available for our Meditation and Unlimited members – you can join for just £7+VAT a month here.

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