What’s around the corner?

It’s always nice to see a glimpse of what technological marvel is approaching. Simon Tappin (MA VetMB CertSAM DipECVIM-CA FRCVS) from Dick White Referrals gave us just that in our Members Webinar. “An Introduction to Interventional Radiology” is a quick look into what is to come.

Applications of Interventional Radiology: Airway

The webinar is absolutely packed full of images displaying the most common applications of interventional radiology. We go through the four types of stents: balloon, self-expanding woven, self-expanding laser cut, and dissolvable. We cover their advantages and disadvantages as well! Simon then explains the major applications of interventional radiology; Airway, urinary, and intravascular.

For each of these applications, we’re treated to a host of images and videos. We’re spoiled for choice. Images cover modalities modalities including fluoroscopy, ultrasound, scopes, and more. We follow the cases all the way through to the post-procedure check-up. Some continuity and conclusion is always nice, so I certainly appreciated this!

Interventional Radiology: Nasopharyngeal Stenosis

The other airway application that we cover is tracheal collapse. We’re seeing this more and more often with the rise of popularity in smaller dogs. It’s always important to be prepared! We cover the grading of tracheal collapse and medical management. That’s 1-4 if you needed a refresher. Simon acknowledges that in grade 4 collapse medical management is rarely (if ever) going to achieve the result we want. In these cases, we’re presented with options for surgical correction. Simon also suggests interventional radiology – a stent. There are some beautiful images and videos of the stent placement. Simon also compares the two types of stents – the original biliary stents used and the newer woven stents.

Applications of Interventional Radiology: Urinary

Urinary applications are also possible! Urethral stricture and ureteral stricture can be remedied – as shown in later slides. I can’t stress how beautiful these photos are – is that just me?

Interventional Radiology: Prostatic Carcinoma

Applications of Interventional Radiology: Intravascular

We cover portosystemic shunts and intraarterial chemoembolisation (particularly in the liver and prostate) as well, with more gorgeous shots of placement and post-placement stents.

There are studies cited after the cases, so it’s always nice to see that information is being supported by multiple reputable sources. Evidence based medicine is key!

Interventional radiology isn’t going to be in your practice tomorrow but it’s an interesting look into what may be coming, and a fun look at the toys that specialists get to play with!

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Tune in to the webinar to look at the images yourself and get stuck in with the cases.

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