We are absolutely overjoyed to host the 9th World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology (WCVD9). There’ll be no trip across the world and not as much sun, but we’ve tried our absolute best to keep it as close to ‘normal’ as possible.


We have over 30 speakers who are tuning in from around the world to create more than 100 hours of dermatology-related continuing education / CPD. You won’t have to worry about the age-old dilemma of choosing between two talks or two streams. All of the content will be accessible for 6 months, so you can view and review on demand.

The conference includes streams for feline, equine, and wildlife dermatology. There’s really something for everyone; research (Scientific Advances in Dermatology), general practice (Dermatology in General Practice) and specialists (Advanced Dermatology for Clinical Practice).

You will be challenged by a scientific program that will
deliver the newest advances in veterinary dermatology including clinical and scientific research. The advanced and comprehensive continuing education program will be delivered by the best veterinary dermatology speakers in the world.

– Mandy Burrows, President of WCVD9


In an effort to create a more lifelike conference, we’ve integrated a 3D Exhibition into the 9th World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology, so you feel as close to the real thing as possible! The unending zoom calls are getting exhausting but this extra level of interactivity is really quite exciting. I cannot wait to experience it!

You’ll be able to interact with friends and colleagues using the interactive app, and the conference center will be chock full of exciting goodies. You won’t be leaving with a bag full of pens unfortunately (who knows where the practice stock will come from now!) but you’ll be leaving with a brain full of knowledge and a phonebook of contacts.

This is a tremendous opportunity to reach all corners of the globe with the best that veterinary dermatology has to offer; convenient, accessible continuing education for practitioners and specialists.

– Anthony Chadwick, CEO and founder of The Webinar Vet


If you’d like to have a taster of what content there is to come, register for a free webinar here!

Register your interest for the conference here.

Tickets for WCVD9 are available now!– the event is set to go live on 20th October 2020! As a gift for the prepared folk among us, we have early-bird discounts of 20% happening as this blog is published.

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