Are you befuddled by our feline friends? Too many cat scratches to count? Our tickets for the Feline Behaviour Conference from Cats Protection are running out fast. With tickets at only 50GBP, this is a bargain, and people are noticing! 

The entire conference is designed to be interactive, with Q&A’s after every webinar so that you can have all of your questions answered. Topics include how cats learn, navigating multi-cat households, and the ethics of breeding hybrid cats with extreme conformation… and more! 

Have a look at the schedule and sign up for tickets here. Looking forward to seeing you there! 

What’s coming up this week

First up on the 6th of September – that’s today – we have Meditation with Mike Scanlan, one of our recurring webinars that we love to tune into every Sunday for a bit of peace and serenity.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we have two webinars entered on Mast Cell Tumours. On Tuesday (8th Sept, 7.30pm), we have the webinar “Mast Cell Tumours: An Update” from Owen Davies – a speaker who has given us so many enjoyable webinars. One of these, ‘Canine Lymphoma on a Budget’, was the subject of one of our past members webinar review blogs.

Pamela D. Jones (a Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Oncology) will be hosting “Stelfonta: Seeing is Believing”. Stelfonta is a new treatment for mast cell tumours and Pamela will be letting us know about this wonderful new development! 

We have a farm animal webinar on Wednesday at 8.00pm as well, “Downer Cow Syndrome” which will be presented by Paul Wood. Paul has presented on pregnancy-related disorders in large animals previously – “Large Animal Surgery Basics” and “Foetotomy and Uterine Prolapses” are among his previous webinars. We’re looking forward to this next one! 

Finally, on Thursday at 8.30pm we have “Safe sedation for the dog and cat” which will be presented by Carl Bradbrook BVSc CertVA DipECVAA MRCVS RCVS and EBVS. Sedation is something that all clinicians perform on a daily basis, so ensuring that your knowledge is up to date is key. This webinar covers various conditions that can make anaesthesia choices more difficult – such as cardiac disease and aggressive patients.

Have a lovely week, and happy watching!