One of our favourite things to offer members of The Webinar Vet are bundles! Bundles are little packages of veterinary value that are usually brought together by a theme. We have two very special bundles that have become available recently through NationWide that we want to let you know about!

NationWide Laboratories introduces Companion Animal CPD bundle

Companion animals are a great company, a source of amusement, psychological support, extrovert display and all of the other functions that humans need to share with their furry friends. Evidence has shown that animals are able to improve human cardiovascular health, reduce stress, decrease loneliness and depression. According to one research, at least half of the households in Britain contain at least one pet animal. So, it makes sense that we need scientists and vets to help keeping these animals happy and healthy.

Thus, NationWide Laboratories put together a CPD bundle dedicated to various aspects of veterinary care for companion animals. The bundle covers the following topics:

  • Well Pet, Unwell Lab Results: What Next? by Peter Graham
  • Recent Advances in The Diagnostic of Chronic Kidney Disease in Companion Animals by Sam Williams
  • Ultrasonography in Veterinary Acute & Critical Care by Roger Wilkinson
  • Cytology & Culture-Guided Antibiosis by Stephen Steen
  • Personalised Medicine – The Future of Life-Long Preventative Care by Noam Pik

It is aimed at veterinary professionals, students and those interested in companion animal care. You can find it here!