One of our favourite things to offer members of The Webinar Vet are bundles! Bundles are little packages of veterinary value that are usually brought together by a theme. We have two very special bundles that have become available recently through NationWide that we want to let you know about!

NationWide Laboratories introduces a CPD bundle dedicated to Diseases of the Endocrine System

Addison’s disease and Cushing’s syndrome are opposite sides of the same coin. Both are manifestations of dysfunction of the adrenal glands. Cushing’s syndrome is marked by excessive levels of cortisol. On the other hand, Addison’s Disease is caused by low levels of cortisol and aldosterone. NationWide Laboratories put together a CPD bundle dedicated to these two common endocrine disorders, testing for which is included in our portfolio. NationWide Specialist Laboratories is part of our group specialising in veterinary endocrinology. We use high quality radioimmunoassay techniques for hormone analysis. We have a wide range of knowledge, expertise and equipment and our diagnostic services are supported by access to several world-renowned veterinary clinical and laboratory endocrinologists.

Webinars Hyperadrenocorticism Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring by Peter Graham and Atypical Hyperadrenocorticism and Hypoadrenocorticism by Michael Herrtage focus on canine adrenal diseases (incl. clinical signs, types, diagnostics, treatments, detailed case studies, etc) and help veterinary professionals in practice.

You can find it here!