We’re delighted to announce that we’re working with It’s Mental to bring the veterinary profession 3 of the best experts in their field to create a 12 weekly Live Sessions program that will give you the tools, techniques, and advice to improve and self-manage your mental wellbeing.

The course will provide you with a wealth of knowledge through downloadable content through the It’s Mental Wellbeing Learning Hub. The coaches will interact every week through exercises and the use of journals.

One of the objectives of the program is to assess your wellbeing before and after the program has finished to highlight the progression in 9 key categories below:

• Behaviours and Motivation
• Emotions
• Energy
• Social
• Stress
• Nutrition
• Integrity
• Work-Life Balance
• Movement

Our weekly sessions will cover a different area each week with reflection sessions on the 4th, 8th and 12th weeks, where we will be providing a live Q&A session.

You can find out more about the course, the payment options and it’s speakers through the link here