Happy holidays! We hope that you have a great mid-December and further. We’re ready preparing for some fun and interactive webinars this week, filled to the brim with content you’ll love. Hopefully like your days of holiday and celebration this week, we’re bringing light and escape – tailored especially for you.

The good news this week is a story from Australia for the arachnid-lovers among us. Annette Gray has made friends with a Huntsman spider in her home, affectionately naming her ‘Charlotte’. It’s great news for those of us who prefer to keep an eye on our spidery friends instead of throwing them in the bath. As the chill rolls in across the country, we’re seeing more and more spiders in our houses and with that comes fear, but it doesn’t have to be that way! What spiders have you seen in your home this winter?

What’s coming up this week

Sunday 13th December, 7.00pm, Dr. Mike Scanlan is back with another meditation webinar to help you find your footing before another hectic week of the winter veterinary rush. This webinar is free for unlimited members and can be accessed here.

Monday 14th December, 8.00pmJohn Chitty BVetMed CertZooMed MRCVS, a well recognised face on The Webinar Vet, will be hosting an interactive Q&A session about all things scaly, furry, and even spidery. “Twas the Exotics Night before Christmas… What exotics tips and tricks would you like Santa to bring this Christmas?” is sponsored by Burgess Excell, and is free for everyone. You can register to watch it here.

Tuesday 15th December, 8.00pm, we have “Aspiration Pneumonia presented by Katie Gray DipAVN DipHE CVN RVN. Aimed at the nursing community, this webinar is also a great resource to use in preparation for your next brachycephalic patient! You can pre-order or purchase this webinar on our shop here for £40GBP+VAT, kindly discounted by VetsNow. It is also free for unlimited members here.

Wednesday 16th December, 8.00pm is the night of our panel The environmental fate of pet flea products“. Recent research explored the potential role of veterinary flea products in widespread pesticide contamination of English rivers, with potential environmental consequences for aquatic and invertebrate populations. What better way to educate yourself than to have a chat with the authors of a paper on this subject. Presented by Dave Gouson, Rose Perkins, and Martin Whitehead, this webinar will be sponsored by VetSustain and hosted on this page.

Thursday 17th December, 8.30pm, we have Benoît Cuq DMV, Dipl. ACVIM(SAIM) presenting his webinar Canine Urinary Incontinence”. Free for unlimited members here, you can also purchase the webinar for £40GBP+VAT on our shop here.

We hope you enjoy the webinars and as always, happy watching!