This week our speakers are taking a break, so we’re using this as an opportunity to review some of our favourite webinars over the past year. This will be a two-part series, so make sure you have a look at our blog post next week for more feel-good webinars and interesting topics.


Towards the elimination of canine rabies by Sarah Cleaveland VetMB PhD MRCVS FMedSci FRSE FRS starts off our list of favourite webinars this year. This webinar went live on the 31st of January topping off a month of great mental-health and gastrointestinal themed Members Webinars.
Starting off the year with an international mindset and surprisingly still on-theme given the news in the UK of Brexit and the changes that it will bring to the Veterinary community. New health passports and rules to remember, as well as an increase in internationally imported dogs with their associated diseases has kept this webinar relevant through this year and into the next.


Why don’t rabbits like being picked up? by Guen Bradbury went live near the end of February.
This year we had a whole range of exotics-themed webinars, opening up the audience from interested general practitioners to specialists with our later exotic-focused webinars. This is a great pair with our recent free webinar by John Chitty BVetMed CertZooMed MRCVS, which was a Q&A session on exotics“Twas the Exotics Night before Christmas… What exotics tips and tricks would you like Santa to bring this Christmas?” .


Teaching One Health to Children (5-18 year olds) by Deborah Thomson was one of our free webinars in March.
One Health is a topic taught in Veterinary Universities in the UK now, and another way for us to strengthen our bonds with our nearby medical community. As the COVID-19 pandemic started picking up the pace in the UK around this time, One Health suddenly became a lot more relevant. Our veterinary community stepped up to give back to the medical community, supplying knowledge, manpower, and solidarity. We are incredibly proud for how we have both banded together as a veterinary community, and as a broader healthcare community over the past year and this is a great webinar that reflects a part of that!


Demystifying Canine Mast Cell Tumours: What’s New? went live in April, presented by Douglas Thamm VMD, DACVIM.
With Stelfonta launching later in the year, MCT treatment and management strategies blossomed in the past few months. New molecular tests and cytological grades became mainstream this year as well, so it was great to keep up to date with all of these with webinars by a whole host of oncological specialists sharing their knowledge on the Webinar Vet.


Heatstroke and Anaphylactic Shock presented by Chloe Fay BSc (Hons) RVN CertVN ECC VTS (ECC) was another one of our favourite webinars this year.
Record-breaking heatwaves struck the UK this year, and with more pets spending time outdoors with their owners due to COVID-19 and short-staffed veterinary clinics facing emergencies that they otherwise wouldn’t have, it was a recipe for stress and potential disaster. Chloe helped all of us by presenting this webinar and letting us know the essentials of these conditions and how to manage them effectively. This was an excellently timed webinar, and Chloe remains one of our top contributors on The Webinar Vet.


Low Flow Anaesthesia by Sarah Gibson BVSc MRCVS CertVA was our favourite webinar this June.
With news that the knock-on effects of COVID-19 and lockdown had reduced environmental pollution to almost miraculous levels, we all started wondering what more can we do to emulate these conditions in normal life. An often overlooked pollutant in the veterinary clinic, volatile inhalants suddenly came to the forefront. Sarah Gibson explains the concept behind and the execution of low flow anaesthesia. It’s not as scary as it sounds, I promise! One of our webinar reviewers wrote a blog post detailing what she thought of it, so make sure to have a look at that if you’re still on the fence.

That’s it for the first half of our highlights this year, make sure to tune in next week for 6 more of our favourite webinars. Maybe it’s time to sit back on the couch (or the office chair if you’re stuck at work!) and have a watch of some of our hand-picked webinars. Let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

As always, happy watching!