Happy New Year! The team here at The Webinar Vet hope that you have a wonderful one, and you’re not nursing too bad of a hangover after your celebrations. This upcoming year has plenty of incredible webinar scheduled, so keep an eye on this blog for your weekly update, members’ webinar reviews, and guest blog posts. If you’re interested in writing blog posts, why not pop a comment down below? Sharing knowledge is one of the most rewarding things to do, and how else is the veterinary community going to flourish if not from a little help from our friends?

First up on Wednesday the 6th of January at 8.00pm, we have a poultry webinar! Titled “Showing Poultry – the Risks & Rewards” it’s going to be an interesting one and a look into the often underappreciated poultry-showing side of the world! Our presenter, Richard Jackson BVMS (Hons) MRCVS, is well known on this site with no less than 19 webinars under his belt. Why not have a look at them, if poultry is your passion? You can find it in our store for 40GBP+VAT or tune in live with your Unlimited Membership here.

Our member’s webinar this Thursday the 7th January, at 8.30pm, is presented by one of our most enthusiastic speakers, Ron Ofri DVM PhD DECVO. “Why do our patients go blind? Acute blindness in companion animals” will no doubt be a wonderful webinar and one of three that is scheduled for the upcoming year! This webinar is unfortunately not in our shop, but it’s available to watch for Unlimited Members at this link here.

Finally, on Sunday 10th January at 7:00 pm, we will be starting back up “Meditation with Mike Scanlan”. Maybe you’ve had some difficulty starting back up in practice after some days off at the beginning of the year, or things aren’t shaping up to the high hopes you had in your resolutions. Either way, you’ll be able to catch a breather and refocus yourself in this webinar. Unlimited Members can access this webinar for free here.

We hope you had a great start to the year, and here’s looking forwards to good things coming. As always, happy watching!