Welcome back to another Week Ahead! January only has two weeks left but we’re filling them up with some really interesting webinars. This week we’re featuring webinars about equine medicine, mindset and neuropsychology, and reptiles! Have a look below to see what’s coming up…

On Tuesday January 12th, at 8.30pm we’re hosting a webinar by Libby Kemkaran-Thompson MA VetMB MRCVS titled “An Update on Disaster Mindset – The Neuropsychology You Need to Survive and Thrive”. This webinar will be using neuroassociative conditioning techniques that help you regain a sense of certainty and control amidst turmoil. What a great webinar to start the year off with, to prepare ourselves for what may be coming. You can find the webinar on our store for 40GBP+VAT here or with your Unlimited Membership you can watch it for free here.

Next up on Wednesday 13th January, at 8.00pm, Sam Hole BSc(Hons), BVM&S CertAVP(EP) CertAVP(ED) Dipl. EVDC (Equine) BAEDT MRCVS will be hosting his second webinar with us titled “Managing Equine Dental Fractures”. A pioneer in the equine veterinary dentistry space, we’re so glad that he’s sharing his knowledge with us all! You can find this webinar on our store for 40GBP+VAT here, or if you’re an Unlimited Member then you can find it for free here.

Our final webinar this week will be our Member’s Webinar on Thursday 14th January, 8.30pm. This webinar on “Reptile Emergencies” will be presented by Louise Abuzet BVM&S CertAVP (ECC) CertAVP (ZM) BSc(HONS) MRCVS. This is bound to be an interesting webinar, and you might feel a bit more prepared next time you’re expected to perform reptile CPR! The lecture is aimed at both Veterinarians and Nurses, so will be a great resource for all. You can buy the Webinar at this link here, for 40GBP+VAT, or you can watch it free with your Unlimited Membership here

Interested in an Unlimited Membership but not sure where to start? You can find information and prices on our shop here, with options ranging from one month of membership to one year!

Don’t forget to tune in next week for more webinars and as always, happy watching!