Welcome back to another post about the week ahead with The Webinar Vet! Good news this week is a recent creation of a not for profit project called the National Register of Tradeswomen.  This is a register of all women who are in trades, created by Hattie Hasan. We love the idea of more industries coming together to create resources for vulnerable peoples and to support equality in the workplace. You can find out more about this news story here.

Let’s see what webinars we have in store for you this week:

On Tuesday 19th January, 12:30 pm we’re hosting a webinar by a panel of highly qualified professionals – veterinarians through to clinical directors and veterinary nurses. Speakers include Paula Boyden BVetMed MRCVS, Caroline Allen MA VetMB CertSAM MRCVS, Mike Flynn Chief Superintendent, Vicki Betton BA (Hons), PGDip IDM, Wendy Sneddon RVN, Dave Martin BVSc MRCVS Clinical Director, and Libby Kemkaran-Thompson MA VetMB MRCVS. This webinar is titled “Animals and Domestic Abuse: the impact of Covid-19 on the Link”. You can catch it for free with your Unlimited Membership here. It’s a continuation of the round table 6 months ago about the role that Veterinary professionals have in recognizing and acting on signs of non-accidental injuries. Testimonials from the previous round table are incredible positive, and we’re looking forward to seeing how we can help in these sensitive situations.

“Great insight into a complex area” “Really useful webinar on a topic which I have rarely considered on my differentials list, I will certainly be paying more attention in future” “Session worked really well, panel were obviously experts in their fields and all made useful contributions” 

Next up we have a webinar on Tuesday 19th January, 8.00pm. Hosted by Samantha Buss RVN CertVNECC, this webinar on “Nursing the Blocked Cat” is a great revision for a common first opinion emergency case. These cases are often successful due to an incredibly useful nursing team, and this webinar will help you out when you see these kittens in the future! You can find this webinar at this link here, which is free for Unlimited Members. If you’re a cat fanatic, you can also find it here at our shop where it’s available for 40GBP+VAT. 

On Thursday 21st January, 8.30pm, you can find our Members Webinar going live. This week it’s presented by Owen Davies MA VetMB MVetMed MANZCVS(SAM) DACVIM(Oncology) MRCVS. This webinar’s subject is “Feline injection Site Sarcomas – why you should know about them and how to cure them!”.  Promising to be an interesting topic and fascinating webinar, you can find it at this link here – all our Thursday Members Webinars are free to watch for Unlimited Members. 

Finally this week we’ve got our Founder Anthony Chadwick chatting to us about the upcoming event VC2021. In a webinar titled “What’s going on at VC2021”, we’ll be introduced to what’s becoming available in the upcmonig Veterinary Congress. You can find this webinar here!

Happy watching all, we hope you have a great week!