2020 was an incredibly tough year and, certainly in the UK, 2021 hasn’t started any better. We were put into lockdown and schools were closed on Monday one day after our illustrious prime minister told us that schools wouldn’t close. He mixed all the students for one day after a 2 week circuit break and then closed them- you couldn’t make it up! I know most of Europe is also suffering from high daily case numbers albeit not as high as ours.

I have to admit I’ve been missing seeing my friends and getting frustrated by Government incompetency. However, my New Year’s resolution has been not to sweat what I can’t change. I have no influence over the truth-twisters in Government. I can only make a difference in my own community, actual and virtual. I’m usually a very positive person and I’ve decided to go back to that way of thinking.

My team and I have been very busy putting VC2021 together for the end of February. As you may know, we’ve been running an annual virtual congress since 2013 long before any other organisation found it sexy! We’ve been inundated in 2020 helping associations and companies take their conferences online but our own conference is my favourite. Last February, we had 10,000 registrations before the pandemic hit.

I know that life is difficult at the moment for the veterinary community and that is why I’m making 6 hours of the conference free for you if you belong to one of the following associations:

  • Asociación de Buiatría de Costa Rica
  • British Veterinary Association
  • International Veterinary Student’s Association
Israeli Companion Animal Veterinary Association
  • British Veterinary Dental Association
  • The Association of Veterinary Students
  • World Veterinary Association
  • Trinidad and Tobago Veterinary Association
Hong Kong Veterinary Association
  • New Zealand Veterinary Association
  • The World Small Animal Veterinary Association

If you are not a member of an association, this is a time to consider it. My own association, BVA, did brilliant work with us in 2020 keeping the profession up to date with Covid19 development as well as government reactions. At times like these, it is important that we stand as a united voice to make sure we are not ridden over roughshod. Also as a member of one of those associations you will get a 20% discount off the price of the ticket for the whole congress.

I’ve wanted to make the congress affordable to everyone in these turbulent times and you can find out more details about the whole congress timetable, well over 100 hours by clicking here

It’s so important that we stay positive in the next few dark, dreary months of lockdown and I can promise you that you will love the congress. If not, I’ll give you your money back!

I can’t be fairer than that!

I’d love to see you at the congress!

To your CPD success


If you’re a Webinar Vet Member, with the early bird package you get access completely free! Full access tickets for non-members currently are 97GBP+VAT. You can also choose between Equine, Large Animal, and Full Access + Spanish Content for the international folk among us.

More information and ticket purchases can be found here!