Welcome back to another week ahead! This week we have some great news – the interior least tern (Sternula antillarum) has had an incredible comeback – the population numbers have increased by an amazing 900% over the past few decades. This means that this tiny bird has been taken off the endangered species list. For more information on this news, have a look at this link from the good news network.

Upcoming Webinars

On Thursday 28th at 8.30pm this week we have two great webinars. First up we have a webinar by by John Berg DVM, DACVS titled Salivary mucoceles and gall bladder mucoceles. This will cover the cause, diagnosis, and surgical treatment and procedures. Further, John will cover the predisposing factors, diagnostic findings, and surgical decision making. It’s shaping up to be a great information-packed webinar so make sure to join here with your unlimited membership. You can also find it in our store for 40.00 GBP + VAT here.

What happens if you can’t watch the webinar live? That’s the brilliance of webinars, you can catch up once they get recorded and posted the next day.

As always, happy watching!