This year at Virtual Congress we’ve got plenty of webinars which suit veterinarians, vet nurses, and vet students from all walks of life. One of the incredible opportunities that we have this year is the student stream. This stream is tailor made for students, with webinars which will be perfect for getting you set up for your first job!

The webinars that we’re hosting include Abdominal Emergencies in Small Animals, Managing Diabetic Patients, Corneal Ulceration, and Behavioural Medicine. These are presented by world renowned speakers – specialists, authors, committee members, lecturers, and pioneers. We have a brilliant set of speakers – from the UK, US, and from Germany.

Featured Webinars

One of the fun webinars scheduled for the Virtual Congress student stream is ‘Day one skills for camelid calls’. Especially in the UK, the population of camelids is growing rapidly – so maybe better to be prepared for that strange call than not! Ami Sawran, a Liverpool graduate and Cert AVP in camelid medicine, will be presenting this on-demand webinar on the 27th of February. You can find this webinar page here.

Another webinar in our Virtual Congress student stream is ‘Surviving your first weekend on call as a farm animal vet’, presented by Lucy Jerram. Lucy completed an RVC residency, and has been working in farm animal practice since her first day from graduating! This webinar is going live on February 27th at 10am. You can find the link to the webinar page here.

Victoria Simons will later be presenting ‘How to Approach the Crazy Cat Lady’ in our Virtual Congress student stream. An RVC graduate, Victoria was a small animal vet at Avon Lodge for 2.5 years, and later discovered a passion for ECC. She’s due to start a CertAVP in emergency medicine later this year, you can find more about her background and the webinar itself on this link here!

Tickets & Information

The best thing about the Virtual Congress student stream? If you’re completely overwhelmed with all the webinars on top of student work, you can access the recordings for the next year. Oh, and the best bit of it all? It’s only £10+VAT for your ticket. That’s not a typo, it’s about the cost of two coffees for some world-class, on-demand education.