Welcome back to another week ahead!

I’m writing this in the middle of VC2021 and I must say that I’ve been having a great time. This is our 9th annual virtual congress! When I first had the idea in 2012, I walked into The Webinar Vet office above my old practice in West Derby, Liverpool and told Wendy and Kathryn that I had had an idea! They always hated that! It was early November beforeLondon Vet Show and within a few weeks we had the first ever virtual veterinary congress with just over 300 delegates. It’s grown to over 10,000 last year and we helped many companies and associations hold their events in the last 12 months of the pandemic.

This year we also have built our own www.thevetexhibition.com [link] to house the conference in. It is Claire Wolfenden’s idea and it’s been amazing. It will be open all year and is available for associations and companies to use this year and beyond. As well as VC2021 at the end of February, we also ran a very successful event for Royal Canin and built them a conference centre too.

By a large dose of serendipity, we have become world experts in virtual conferencing and I’ve been so pleased that our foresight in this area has helped others. I have begun to tell people that I’ve spent 11 years preparing for the pandemic, I just didn’t realise. I am also being asked by organisations outside of the veterinary profession to talk about our expertise. 4th March I am holding a UMI spotlight event around video, it really is a massive area that all businesses should be concentrating on and I would encourage you to sign up for the session. https://www.weareumi.co.uk/news/sectors/creative-media/spotlight-session-how-to-bring-video-into-your-marketing-mix

To your continued good health and CPD success

-Anthony Chadwick

Upcoming Webinars

On Tuesday 2nd March 2021, 8.00pm, we’ve got a practice management & wellbeing webinar by Katie Ford “Flipping the script on vet Imposter Syndrome: why you’re more than ‘enough’.”. In this webinar, Katie shares her experiences of imposter syndrome and self-doubt, but more importantly the tangible tips that helped her not only to enjoy work in practice again, but improve working relationships and inspire others. You can watch the webinar once it’s live right here.

Second up this week on Tuesday 3rd March, 12:30pm, we have a lunchtime webinar “Lunchtime Basic Bitesize Pathology: Small Animal Mammary Pathology.” by Sandra Dawson. The webinar is free to attend for all users thanks to the kind sponsorship of Nationwide Labs, you can register your interest for this webinar here.

Later on Tuesday 3rd March, at 8:00pm we have another sponsored webinar with thanks to Protexin, “The skin barrier: a key element in canine atopic dermatitis” by Lluís Ferrer. The dysfunction of the skin barrier is one of the main pathomechanisms in canine atopic dermatitis, and restoration of its functionality must be part of any treatment for it. 

Valerie Poirier presents this weeks Unlimited Member webinar “Imaging the veterinary cancer patient” on Thursday 4th March at 8:30pm, in which Valerie will cover the basis of staging for veterinary cancer patients, and which imaging modality should be used and when as well as some case examples. You’ll be able to catch the webinar here once live, or you can purchase the webinar for 40GBP+VAT in our shop.

As always, happy watching!