As many of you may know, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week from 10th-16th May. Here at The Webinar Vet, we know the importance of both talking about and taking care of your mental health, especially within the veterinary profession.

That’s why we have put together this blog post, to consolidate some of our upcoming and past recourses on mental health and wellbeing, all in one place.


Our podcast, VetChat, has had some amazing guests join us when talking about mental health and wellbeing within the veterinary profession:

Rosie Allister chats all about the level of responsibility-experience mismatch in graduates and how this affects not only graduates but those who support them in practice.
Stephen, Anna and Nick from Its Mental, an organisation that provides people with knowledge and skills on how to better manage their Mental Well-being, chat about all things mental well-being and how you can take an active approach to look after yourself and make it fit around your busy life. 

NEXT WEEK: We will be uploading daily podcasts centred around mental health, meditation and all things wellbeing. We know that many people like to listen to content whilst on the go, which is why we are taking some of our wellbeing webinars and converting them into podcasts for you to listen to at your convenience. Keep an eye out on the ‘VetChat’ Spotify and Apple Podcast pages for the new episodes.


All of our Mental Health and Wellbeing content in our webinar library is free to access. If you’d like to take a look at some of the resources that we have available, just register here.

Here’s some of the content you will have access to:
✔ Veterinary Profession Specific – Mental Health First Responder Training – A 4 part course
✔ Mindfulness Series 1 and 2
✔ Mindful Living – Harnessing our capacity to use mindful acceptance skills to live happier more meaningful lives
✔ Veterinary Profession Specific – Mental Health First Responder Training – A 4 part course

NEXT WEEK: we have a free wellbeing webinar by Olivia Oginska. She will be introducing the 6-week “Mental resilience and wellbeing training” that helps veterinary professionals to become healthier and more resilient in both personal and professional lives.

Mental resilience and wellbeing training – discover-restore-empower” – FREE introduction

Presented by Olivia Oginska – Vet Gone Mental
Wednesday 12th May 2021, 8:00 pm BST

Register for the webinar here.

There are also some other incredible organisations, such as VetLife, that offer free help to those in the veterinary community who are struggling with their mental health. You can view their website here.

VetLife are also hosting daily events next week from yoga to pub quizzes! If you’d like to find out more and get involved with their activities, click here.

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