Every month, we welcome new exhibitors and most recently, NationWide Laboratories! Check out our interview with Alina Zheleznyakova, Customer Marketing Manager where she discusses working in lockdown, appreciation of the veterinary community, virtual and real-life events and THE Vet Exhibition.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I have been working in B2B Marketing for nearly 20 years and witnessed digital and social media growing rapidly alongside traditional marketing, including events and exhibitions.

When global pandemic hit, and face-to-face interactions were abruptly put on hold, we had to find new ways to talk to our clients and offer them the support they needed through online channels. Virtual world has (to a certain extent) become more real.

The veterinary professionals have been amazing throughout the pandemic, helping the nation’s animals under strict government guidelines. NationWide Laboratories proudly supports them with more than 1,200 tests and profiles and offers them CPD opportunities.

Have you worked with The Webinar Vet before?

As a company, we pride ourselves in our experienced team of the UK based pathologists. We have been working in close partnership with the Webinar Vet sharing our expertise with vets and nurses by offering them both free and affordable CPD.

What initially attracted you to the idea of THE Vet Exhibition?

Since the beginning of pandemic, we have been exploring various online opportunities to stay in touch with the veterinary community. We have been supporting BVDSG and BSVP virtual meetings, took part in BSAVA Virtual Congress 2021 and when THE Vet Exhibition opened its doors, we immediately saw the benefits of the platform. Firstly, it is a 12-month project that allows us to present valuable content to the veterinary professionals in manageable bitesize portions. You will be able to access it free of charge in your own time from any connected device. Secondly, when it comes to content presentation, we have unlimited possibilities of combining different sources and offer our attendees multiple options to choose from. Thirdly, and most importantly, it allows us to stay in touch with the community and tailor our interactions based on what is interesting to them.

What can we expect from the NationWide Labs stand?

We are going to take our attendees on an exciting journey, sharing our expertise in different areas of interest. Every veterinary professional will be able to find things useful to them in the wonderful job they do every day. We will be offering full free CPD sessions with a CPD certificate and invite you to our “HOW TO” podcast talking about sampling methods and techniques etc. Our library will include case studies, bitesize overview of the recent scientific papers and other interesting materials available to download. We will always be seeking your feedback. Will you be interested in a themed live chat with our pathologist? Or would you like to virtually meet our team? So, please come and let us know your thoughts.

What do you feel are the key benefits to having a long-term presence in a virtual exhibition environment?

Like many people in the veterinary community, we are looking forward to getting back to face-to-face events, when it is safe to do so. As the country is gradually coming out of lockdown, there is hope that it will happen sooner rather than later. However, meanwhile we still need to be careful and a long-term online opportunity to interact with our clients and potential customers seems like a sensible and responsible choice. What is important to understand, is that the virtual exhibition is not a substitute for a real-life event. It compliments it and offers the veterinary community an extra platform for interaction and communication.

Do you have plans to update your stand throughout the year?

We will be delivering new content every month and offer our visitors new monthly topics, including cytology for vets and nurses, dermatology and parasitology, canine and feline adrenal diseases, canine and feline hematology and biochemistry, microbiology and antimicrobial resistance and much much more. And we want our attendees to be part of this journey by letting us know what they find useful and which area of interest they would like to explore with NationWide Laboratories.

How did you find the process of designing your virtual exhibition booth?

An exhibition booth in a way represents a gateway to the company, its expertise, mission and values. So, it is serious! And the virtual booth is no exception. We took the concept of our BSAVA 2020 booth (which did not see the daylight because the show was cancelled) and moved it into the virtual space. It sounds a little bit nostalgic, but we hope that when we do come back to face-to-face events, our visitors will immediately recognize it due to the second lease of life given to it online.

Are you on social media and happy for people to connect with you? If so, what are your contact details?

Please feel free to follow us on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/nationwide-laboratories/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/NationWideLabs and we will keep you updated about THE Vet Exhibition and other projects. Visit our website https://www.nwlabs.co.uk/ to know more about our products, technology and laboratory services needed to operate an efficient veterinary practice. And, of course, come to see us virtually at THE Vet Exhibition!