As we draw closer to June 21st, the hopeful end date of all lockdown restrictions here in the UK, I know many of you are wondering what will happen with virtual events and exhibitions. Well…

THE Vet Exhibition is here to stay!

There are many benefits to attending and participating in virtual events and exhibitions and I wanted to share the top three with you from both an exhibitor and attendee’s perspective!


Track your visitors in real time with your very own CRM dashboard

As a standard, your exhibition booth comes with a CRM dashboard where you can track your visitors and their virtual journey on your booth. We know how busy manning a physical booth can get and sometimes you don’t get to engage with each visitor but with your dashboard, you can receive; GDPR compliant email addresses, geo-tagged locations to know which part of the world your visitor is attending from and a log of their entire journey to see which hotspots are most popular and which hotspots need a little TLC!

Update your booth on a monthly basis!

Whether you have a new product launch in the pipeline, new downloadable collateral or just fancy a make-over, we work with you on a monthly basis to be able to update and refresh your booth content! Unlike physical shows, this allows you to keep your audience engaged and returning to your booth time after time.

Use your booth as a long-term sales and marketing tool

Your booth is your long-term sales and marketing tool as our tenancies are for 12-months and not just for a weekend or a few days. As a standard, you will receive the direct URL to your booth to add to your website to direct your visitors to your space within THE Vet Exhibition! There are many features to add your booth such as a live chat function to connect with your visitors as well as videos, PDFs, images and even games for a little fun too! Your booth can be a replica of your current platforms or something fresh and exciting for the veterinary community to explore.


Access anytime, from anywhereTHE limit does not exist!

THE Vet Exhibition is open 365 days a year, 24/7 and better yet, it is free of charge for to access! Whether you’re sat in the comfort of your home, have time on your lunchbreak or just can’t sleep at 3AM, you have full access into THE Vet Exhibition as long as you have a device and an internet connection, you’re good to go! No more long-drives and expensive hotel stays, THE Vet Exhibition is right at your fingertips; great for you and the environment! THE Vet Exhibition is open and waiting for you and can be accessed as many times as you like.

Dreading the return to pre-pandemic life?

Although the world seems to be opening up again, not everyone is ready to embrace the pre-pandemic lifestyle of mingling with hundreds of attendees all under one roof. THE Vet Exhibition offers all you can find in physical world in our high-tech virtual environment. We host regular networking sessions for you to be able to interact with the community within the lounges, or, feel free to pop in on your own time to catch-up with friends and colleagues. If you’re also not ready to meet exhibitors within large venues, our exhibitors have brought their content online for you to access! You can still chat, download brochures, enter prize draws and keep up to date with exhibitors on their swanky digital booths, we promise, you won’t be missing out!

Monthly Competitions

Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition? Every month, I will be hosting a competition for you to win a range of wonderful prizes; from an annual Webinar Vet membership, Amazon vouchers and passes to some of our wonderful events! Next week, I will announce the June competition, rules and of course the winning prize so watch this space!

I hope to “see” you in the environment soon!