Can you believe it has been 15 weeks since we launched THE Vet Exhibition?! In that time, we have organised and broadcast many events (including our 9th Annual Virtual Congress), streamed webinars, hosted networking sessions and welcomed 2 wonderful exhibitors; MSD Animal Health and NationWide Laboratories.

In celebration of our 15 weeks, I wanted to share the 15 most frequently asked questions we have received and the ways we have improved the environment based on feedback and comments provided by both exhibitors and the community!

“I’m late to my event, how do I quickly get to the auditorium?!”

We can’t blame the traffic for this one but we can still be late to events, even the virtual ones! We found a lot of attendees needed a quick way to gain access to the auditoriums when they were running a bit behind schedule and so we installed a green, pulsing ‘To Auditorium’ button on the welcome desk as well as placing a navigation board in the lobby so you can quickly get to where you need to be!

“How can I keep my stand relevant to what is happening in the event auditoriums?”

Every month, I provide exhibitors with a calendar of upcoming events events so you can decide whether to refresh your exhibition booth to keep it relevant to what is happening in the event auditoriums! Both MSD Animal Health and NationWide Laboratories updated their spaces with rabbit content in synergy with the Rabbit Welfare and Ethics Day streaming live on June 5th in Auditorium 1!

“How will I know if anyone is visiting my exhibition booth?”

All exhibition booth packages come with a live statistics and CRM dashboard which allow exhibitors to monitor their stands as frequently as you would like! You can see where in the world your visitors are from, how long they spend on your booth, the entire visitor journey from entry to exit and number of visits to each individual hotspots to monitor how engaging your content really is.

“How do I access the networking lounges?”

As well as placing a navigation board in the lobby, I have created a one-page flyer for you to use and send out to your colleagues so you can meet in the lounges in just a few clicks!

“I want to meet my colleagues in the networking lounge but I don’t know how to use the application”

We have included information hotspots in the digital environment to help you use the application. Our team are also on hand to help if you want to speak to someone directly!

“How can I find out what is happening in the environment?”

Communication is key which is why we created a weekly blog, a dedicated LinkedIn page and a Friday Fact Flash for THE Vet Exhibition so visitors, current and potential exhibitors can keep up to date with what is happening in the environment.

I want to book a demo with someone to understand how the environment works

Whether you’re a potential exhibitor, would like to hang a banner in the environment or are attending an upcoming event and would like more information, email me at and I would love to ‘show’ you around and answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, take a look at the video below!

How long is the environment open for?

THE Vet Exhibition is open 24/7, 365 days a year and is a permanent addition to The Webinar Vet offering. The environment isn’t just an event centre, it’s THE place to be for veterinary professionals to learn, connect with industry partners, exhibit and network all year round.

I want to be involved but I’m not sure what I can do with my budget or manpower

I have created a media pack which includes all of the available opportunities within THE Vet Exhibition. With opportunities starting from as little as £400 + VAT with no on-going maintenance required, I am sure we can find something suitable for you!

I have been tasked with organising a virtual/hybrid event…where do I start?!”

Conference Virtually was created to help veterinary communities deliver outstanding online events to their audiences.  We are a full-service provider for your virtual event; from organising speakers, sourcing sponsorship, operational and technical support, marketing and much more! Since our launch, Conference Virtually has hosted over 30 events worldwide and are continuing to grow within the online event space. Contact the team today to get started!

“How will my event attendees know where to go?”

As a standard, event attendees will receive email joining instructions including a video on how to access the content within THE Vet Exhibition. We also provide event organisers with the opportunity to brand THE Vet Exhibition, signpost their event and even change the colours and logos in the auditoriums to ensure your delegates know exactly where to go.

“I don’t have as many visits to my booth as I thought I would, what can I do?”

I work closely with each exhibitor to provide suggestions and improvements to your booth to ensure you get your desired number of monthly visits! Some of the ways I can help are; social media blasts, showcasing your booth within relevant emails to our community, a feature in the Webinar Vet gazette and refreshing your content to keep it engaging and relevant to the auditorium content. I will create a bespoke improvement plan to ensure you are happy with the look, layout and results of your exhibition booth!

“Can I stream my webinar through The Webinar Vet website and THE Vet Exhibition?”

Absolutely! When booking a new webinar, you can upgrade to stream your content through one of the event auditoriums for free! If some of your attendees prefer the regular 2D website viewing, we can stream through both channels to give you the best of both!

“I don’t have the staff to constantly man my booth”

Not to worry! Designing and setting up your digital booth is a straight-forward process and we will work with you every step of the way until you are happy to start your 12-month tenancy. Once you go live, you can man your booth as frequently as you would like or you can leave it to do the job for you! Your booth is your long-term sales, marketing and communication tool so once you’re set up, there’s no need to make constant changes if you don’t want to.

“I’m thinking of exhibiting at a physical show…does this mean I can’t exhibit virtually?”

As the end of lockdown restrictions are on the horizon, many of you are waiting to exhibit again in the real world. As we said in our last blog, THE Vet Exhibition is here to stay! So think about those who aren’t ready to return to pre-pandemic life, or your regular attendees who are struggling financially and might not be able to make it in person…THE Vet Exhibition provides a secondary support to your physical presence to capture a greater audience! The best of both worlds!