PetsApp and The Webinar Vet have announced a new collaboration to empower veterinary teams – with special offers and educational content for The Webinar Vet and PetsApp customers.

The aim? To provide veterinary professionals with the right tools to assist as many pets as possible – without overextending or overwhelming an already stretched workforce.

PetsApp customers will enjoy an exclusive offer on The Webinar Vet’s Unlimited Vet Membership, whilst customers of The Webinar Vet will take advantage of a similar offer on PetsApp’s all-in-one communications platform.

pets app partnership with the webinar vet

There will also be informative podcasts, blog posts and webinars that focus on providing clinics teams with practical tools and software that can help them better serve their customers.

“The Webinar Vet is always looking for like-minded partners that share our love for the veterinary profession globally and drive positive change. Therefore, I am so incredibly proud to see that two of the most progressive, innovative and digitally advanced organisations have come together to harness our offerings to the profession we serve. Together PetsApp and The Webinar Vet will strengthen community offerings to veterinarians, enhance solutions, drive convenience, and support our customers with a joint approach to solving those CE pain points and practice improvements in one offering,” says Claire Wolfenden, Chief Commercial Officer at The Webinar Vet (inc. Wikivet, Simply Vets, & Conference Virtually).

Brad Fehler – Head of Growth at PetsApp, says “We’re constantly looking for opportunities to add value to our veterinary community (standing at over 5,000 individual operators). Whether that be through our much loved webinar series, or our industry leading product. Collaborating with The Webinar Vet allows us to continue on that journey with their world class clinically focused CPD content.”