To ensure the highest quality of services to both your animal patients and their owners, a veterinary practice needs the best available veterinary software to manage the clinic, process patients data and enable efficient communication with the customers. Cloud-based IT solutions are becoming a trend in various industries all over the world. You, too, can leverage them to provide better care for your patients.

Cloud veterinary software is a practice management tool that makes helping animals easier by improving professionals’ capability to organize their everyday work. Using a cloud-based system is really easy because you don’t need to install anything and you can access the system from anywhere and anytime. It can also be used with all devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.).

Here are some examples of the benefits of a cloud-based system:

  • Data can be accessed anywhere anytime
    • You don’t need to be at your clinic in order to access your patients’ data. You can conduct consultations wherever your customers are.
  • Enables efficient collaboration with laboratories and other stakeholders
    • Clinic employees, suppliers, laboratories, specialists are all working together to provide the best care for pets. Cloud-based software enables them to contact, share data and send test results in a short time.
  • Your data is safe in the cloud
    • Data is backed up in the cloud-based software regularly in short time intervals, so you do not need to worry about losing your data in case of a disaster or technical problems

Cloud-based veterinary software is a great tool that will enable you to manage your clinic efficiently. All its benefits will translate into providing the highest quality services to animal patients and their owners.

Provet Cloud is an easy-to-use cloud-based veterinary practice management software that helps users save time and focus on what matters most — caring for your patients and growing your business. Here are some Provet Cloud features that our customers love:

  • Digital Forms & E-signature. With Provet Cloud you can easily create, send, and sign customisable digital consent forms and patient documentation and consolidate all records in one secure place. This will help you in moving towards a paperless clinic.
  • Self check-in offers the ability for customers to check themselves into a clinic even before arriving there. Customers can write all the needed information about the pet and let the clinic personnel know that they are waiting in their car outside the clinic.
  • Pet Health App is a pet owner’s application. It functions as a client portal allowing customers of veterinary clinics to view and edit their pet’s information. Clinics can customize the app to reflect their own brand. It’s a great way to connect with clients and strengthen the clinic’s brand image.
  • Integrated payment portal allows customers to pay for veterinary services online at ease. It is also possible to set up recurring payments for health plans. When customers make payments, invoices are automatically marked as paid in Provet Cloud.

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