This week THE Vet Exhibition is hosting an exciting networking session in THE Vet Networking Lounge in honour of National Marine Week!

Join us on Wednesday 4th August from 6:00PM BST – 7:30PM BST for an open discussion about the UK’s Marine Life.


6:00PM – Arrival

6:10PM – Welcome talk from The Webinar Vet

6:15PM – Welcome talk from Chris and Kristen Cureton

6:25PM – Networking & Discussion

6:50PM – Welcome talk from Lorna Bointon

7:00PM – Networking & Discussion

7:30PM Event Close – Guests can continue to discuss and network at leisure

We will be joined on the evening by Marine Mammal Medics Chris and Kris Cureton as well as Marine Biologist Lorna Bointon!

To join the networking event, please follow the below instructions.

  1. Head to THE Vet Exhibition
  2. ENTER the environment and click on the double arrows to make your way into reception
  3. Enlarge the navigation board by clicking on it
  4. Locate The Vet Networking Lounge on the first floor
  5. Click to join
  6. Drag and drop your bubble onto others to open a video and audio chatroom (up to 15 participants per chatroom)

The Webinar Vet also have a fantastic range of webinars and bundles available to watch and purchase such as;

Protecting our oceans – Cal Major & Dylan Walker

Plastic Pollution and how as vets we can be a part of the solution – Cal Major

Marine Mammal Medicine Course – 4 CPD lectures with Dr. Natalie Waddington

For any questions regarding the networking session or further information on how to access, please contact