I am so excited to announce that the Calcium Disorders content on the NationWide Labs exhibition booth will be extended until 8th September 2021!

The hotspots available include links to the webinar of the month: Hypercalcaemia in Dogs and Cats: an Overview by Stacey Newton as well as the Calcium Disorders podcast!

You can also explore the literature library which is focussed on; Effects of surgery on free and total 25 hydroxyvitamin D concentrations in dogs (Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine), Vitamin D status is seasonally stable in northern European dogs (Veterinary Clinical Pathology).

For more information and to view this fantastic content, make sure you visit the stand today!

Next month, the content will focus on Dermatology so be sure to visit now before it’s too late!

For any questions regarding the NationWide stand, you can click on the live chat icon within the space to connect with a NationWide representative