at The Webinar Vet
Sunday 3rd October 2021

This week we have 4 brilliant member-only webinars on the schedule at The Webinar Vet.

Practice Management & Unlimited Vet member exclusive

Going Live: Tue 5th October 2021, 8:30 pm

How we see ourselves and how good we feel about ourselves matters. If affects how we show up as veterinary professionals, leaders or colleagues and in our personal relationships and parenting. There’s a reason why the ‘not good enough’ emotion has often been cited in psychological literature as the master emotion that underlies much of our behaviour and mindset. Just as we have to continue looking after our physical health through exercise, diet and rest if we want to improve our fitness and become healthier, our levels of self-belief and self-worth need similar regular attention. Or at least our progress, fulfilment and happiness benefit greatly when we do work on this area! In this webinar we’ll look at the five most common self-belief saboteurs I see in my coaching practice and how we can find practical solutions for each one.

Farm & Unlimited Vet member exclusive

Going Live: Wed 6th October 2021, 8:00 pm

UK goat numbers are rising and the general practitioner is increasingly likely to be presented with a goat case in practice. This session aims to build the confidence of the general practitioner in dealing with our caprine patients, discussing common health issues and health planning tasks. This talk is aimed at all levels of goat experience, and from all walks of clinical practice – you are just a likely to encounter a pet pygmy goat in small animal practice as you are in farm animal work so it pays to be prepared.

Unlimited Vet & Nurse member exclusive

Going Live: Thu 7th October 2021, 8:30 pm

Anal sac adenocarcinoma is a fairly common cancer detected in practice. They are often found on the otherwise clinically well patient as part of a routine clinical examination. We will discuss the options for staging, treatment, including chemotherapy, and ongoing care.

Monthly Meditation & Unlimited Vet member exclusive

Going Live: Sun 10th October 2021, 7:00 pm

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