Chosen by head of Memberships, Jacqui Byrne BSc ADipCBM RVN

‘Cats are not small Dogs’  is something I heard so much in my training as an SVN that simply seeing it in the heading of this months webinar of the month grabbed my attention and also made me smile. The full title ‘Pancreatitis: Cats are not Small Dogs. An update on diagnosing and treating this common disease’, went live on the 10th of February and was presented by the fabulous Dr Bill Saxton.

This is part of our clinical programme so is available to not only all of our Unlimited Vet members but also to our Veterinary Nurse members too. As an RVN myself I have always had a penchant for dipping into webinars aimed at vets to deepen my knowledge and understanding and challenge me more mentally and Dr Saxton’s webinar did not disappoint.

Now as I said at the beginning I am well aware that a cat is not a small dog but, having been out of practice for many years the extent of the difference between them when it comes to pancreatitis was a revelation.

The webinar was a perfect balance of recapping the basics with the pathophysiology and then applying that knowledge to a deeper understanding of diagnostic considerations and effective treatments.

I was particularly looking forward to the ‘treatment recommendations including early nutritional support’ having a passion for nutrition myself. However, found all 4 key components to treatment (those being: Fluid therapy, Analgesia, Vomiting, nausea control, and Enteral nutrition) equally enthralling and transferable between a Vet or Vet Nurse Role.

Dr Saxton pitched this webinar perfectly to meet the educational needs of the audience regardless of role, and making his knowledge easily accessible to all which is commendable and not so easily achieved which is why it is without a doubt this is my Webinar of the Month.