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The Stethoscope

The Stethoscope has spent the majority of her career working in small animal practice but was also keen to diversify having worked within industry as well as within a communication and marketing company for several years. She currently works part time within practice whilst bringing up her young family and loves to write articles and blogs relevant to the veterinary sector. In her spare time The Stethoscope enjoys spending plenty of time outdoors especially gardening, walking, running and cycling. Despite her family being desperate to own a pet, this has not been possible due to a family member having a severe allergy. This means The Stethoscope has had to make the most of all the pets she gets to see in practice and has learnt to appreciate the extensive wildlife in her garden pond which, despite not being quite as cuddly as our usual household pets, can be equally as rewarding.

Feline Diabetes mellitus

Any CPD I’ve encountered that has been delivered by RCVS recognised feline specialist Danielle Gunn Moore has always proved invaluable and last week’s webinar covering Diabetes mellitus (DM) did not disappoint. Danielle’s extensive knowledge and hands on…

Fixation of Jaw Fractures

 After discovering the subject matter of last week’s webinar I was preparing myself for an onslaught of discussions centred around complicated orthopaedic procedures which would be well beyond my skill set. However after watching this webinar led…