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Anthony Chadwick

Anthony Chadwick

Anthony Chadwick is the CEO of Alpha Vet International and is a veterinary dermatologist. Anthony qualified from Liverpool University in 1990 and achieved his CertVD in 1995. Anthony set up a practice in Liverpool in 1997 in Liverpool which he eventually sold in 2011 so that he could concentrate on The Webinar Vet which he started in January 2010.

What are the best Facebook pages that every vet should follow?

If you’re asking yourself this question, I’ll be sharing which Facebook pages are a must-follow if you’re a Vet.

In no particular order, I’ll tell you about 5 Facebook pages, plus 5 bonus pages that will help you keep up to date with new veterinary content, content you can share with your clients and plenty of entertainment.

Over the years I have come across many different excellent veterinary websites and I know that there are many more that I am probably missing. That’s why I want to share with you the ones that I think every vet and vet student should follow.

Facebook Pages:

  1. Dr Marty Becker: This is one of the most popular pages on FB. Marty is a veterinarian with just over 800k followers. He focuses especially on how to provide a stress-free environment for your pets and he also likes to give his opinion and his criteria in different articles or photos external to his page, which makes him very interesting. His Facebook page is well worth a visit.
  2. Pete the Vet: Dr Peter Wedderburn is a media vet, who makes the list of the UK’s top online veterinary influencers, and has different stories to tell all the time and really interesting ones. His content is not only based on writing but has also appeared on many media channels.
  3. I Love Veterinary Medicine: If you’re looking to be in a community of vets on Facebook, this is the perfect page for you. Is a page full of nice anecdotes, cases, pictures and videos.
  4. Veterinary Voices UK: If you are from the UK, you can belong to this community where they share topics of interest to the profession, both for Vets and nurses. It also has a public page so if you are not from the UK you will still be able to see the information.
  5. Vet Times: A page for daily news, where it tells you a lot of the upcoming stories and new developments. it’s well worth following if you just want to make sure that you’re staying ahead and up to date with everything that’s going on within the veterinary world.

Bonus Pages

  1. American Veterinary Medical Association: Although it is an association page, you will be very impressed to be part of this site. Particularly you will be told stories that you can relate to the work we vets do on a day-to-day basis and it is presented in a very friendly format, even for pet owners. They also have the AVMA student page.
  2. Dr Andy Roark: If you are looking for humour and entertainment, this is the perfect page for you. He is a famous veterinary columnist, who will give you a lot of insight into the profession and as he says: “possibly wisdom in veterinary medicine”.
  3. Dr Ernie Ward: He is a veterinarian, author, media personality and practice owner. On his page he shares many cases that come to his practice, his posts are entertaining and original.
  4. Pawcurious: Dr Jessica Vogelsang is the face behind Pawcurious. Her site concentrates more on content for pet owners, but it is very meaningful and can help all of us vets when we want to share information with our clients.
  5. British Veterinary Association: BVA is also an association, but on their page, you will find important topics. Every student, vet and retired vet should follow this page.


Facebook is a very large social network and you will find many pages worth following. Here you will find just a summary of the pages that I think are important for a vet to follow.

One tip I can give you is to follow the pages of your local association, if you have one, it is always worth following what is going on in your country.

What other veterinary Facebook pages did I miss?

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