Unleashing Knowledge at the Virtual Veterinary Congress 2024

A Celebration of Veterinary Excellence

Calling all veterinary professionals! The much-anticipated Virtual Veterinary Congress 2024 is set to return on the 5th of February, 2024, bringing together a global community of passionate experts and aspiring minds in the field. Hosted by The Webinar Vet, this is an event you won't want to miss.

Last year, the Congress attracted over 17,000 registrations, marking it as one of the largest veterinary events of the year. The upcoming edition promises an even more enriching experience, presenting an opportunity to dive deep into the vast realm of veterinary science, from the comfort of your home or office.

A Global Gathering of Veterinary Experts

Brimming with engaging sessions and top-notch speakers from around the world, the Virtual Veterinary Congress is your platform to gain industry insights, meet like-minded professionals, and update your knowledge bank. The 2024 edition features a rich line-up of topics: Exotics, Feline Behaviour, Ophthalmology, and Neurology.

Exotic Companions: More Than Meets the Eye

Leading the pack, the exotics segment, with the intriguing webinar "Cavy Curious? A Guide to Common Guinea Pig Diseases", presents an exciting opportunity to bolster your expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of various guinea pig ailments. Guided by John Chitty, a renowned authority in the field, the session ensures you're well-equipped to provide optimal care for our small, furry friends.

Deciphering Feline Behaviour

For the feline aficionados, our Congress offers an insightful journey into the feline psyche. Sarah Heath uncovers the motivations behind confrontational cat behaviour, providing practical advice on managing such behaviour in a clinic setting, in her session, "Confrontational Cats: Why Do They Behave That Way?".

Unveiling Ocular Oddities

In our ophthalmology segment, Ron Ofri hosts an interactive session using real-world ophthalmology cases. His unique 'Slide Recognition Game' style ensures you stay engaged and challenged as you refine your diagnostic skills. Another key talk by Lionel Sebbag tackles the rising pandemic of ocular surface diseases in brachycephalic dogs.

Navigating the Neural Network

The Congress's Neurology segment promises a deep dive into common neurological emergencies. Using video case studies, Alex Forward's "Common Neurological Emergencies – A Case Based Video Tour" offers an intriguing look into these critical conditions, arming you with practical insights into their management.

Embracing Sustainability

The Virtual Veterinary Congress 2024 is more than just a learning platform; it’s a beacon of change. This year, we're including a special session on sustainability. As we broaden our knowledge horizons, we also aim to build awareness around sustainable practices in veterinary care.

An Event to Remember

Attending the Virtual Veterinary Congress 2024 is not just an educational choice; it's a career-defining decision. And the best part? This treasure trove of knowledge is free to attend.

Join us in this incredible event as we shape the future of veterinary science, one session at a time. Together, let’s create a worldwide veterinary community that learns, grows, and thrives in unison.

Virtual Veterinary Congress 2024

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