Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond

On Sunday 28th July, StreetVet will be collaborating with other charities, individuals and organisations that support and promote the Human-Animal Bond (HAB) to create virtual events and competitions to inspire and educate animal lovers. As well as celebrating the relationship between humans and animals and all of the benefits they bring to us, the day intends to encourage animal lovers to engage with charities whether that is following them through social media or volunteering.

Balancing Parasitic Treatments for Pets: Are We Over-Worming Our Cats and Dogs?

In recent years, there has been growing concern among veterinarians and pet owners alike about the frequency and necessity of worming treatments for cats and dogs. With a plethora of parasitic preventatives and treatments available, it's crucial to evaluate whether our current practices are truly beneficial or if we might be over-treating our furry friends.

Best Anaesthesia Protocols for Everyday Emergencies

In the recent webinar "Best Anaesthesia Protocols for Everyday Emergencies," sponsored by Livisto, Dr. Thaleia-Rengina Stathopoulou provided invaluable insights into the practical applications of anaesthesia in various emergency scenarios.

Revolutionising Veterinary Cancer Detection with HT Vista

HT Vista, established in 2023, is the subsidiary of HT Bioimaging (HTVET), founded in 2017 by Shani Toledano, Co-Founder & CEO and Gideon Barak, Co-Founder & Chairman, with an aim to increase cancer detection at an early stage. Our mission is to save pets’ lives by promoting cancer detection at its early stage.

Elevate Your Feline Care with Our Feline Behaviour Refresher Course!

As veterinarians, we know that understanding and addressing feline behaviour is crucial for providing comprehensive care to our furry patients. Our latest Feline Behaviour Refresher Course is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills, ensuring you can offer the best possible care. This course is included in our membership, or you can purchase it at a special price with a 20% discount using the code COURSE20.

The Webinar Vet to Host Groundbreaking Veterinary Artificial Intelligence Summit

The Webinar Vet, the world’s largest online veterinary CPD/CE provider, is thrilled to announce the inaugural Veterinary Artificial Intelligence Summit set to take place on 3rd July 2024. This pioneering event aims to explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in veterinary practice, bringing together industry leaders, AI experts, and veterinary professionals for a day of insightful discussions and innovative presentations.

An Insight Into Dental Disease In Rabbits

The cause of dental disease in rabbits is generally multifactorial, and can include poor diet, inadequate dental wear, infection, trauma and genetic/breed predisposition. Signs are numerous, with the most common being weight loss, anorexia, tooth overgrowth, facial abscess, epiphora, dacryocystitis, and exophthalmos. Diagnosis of dental disease should include a comprehensive oral examination, radiography and ideally computed tomography. Treatment and prognosis depend on the cause and severity of the case.

How to Motivate Your Team to Embrace Sustainability in Practice

We know. Embracing sustainability in practice, especially with a large team, is much easier said than done. Change is hard. It’s not just about changing a few light bulbs to be more energy-efficient or adding recycling bins in every office; it’s also about educating and inspiring your team to want to make a difference.