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Mike Davies qualified from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and has postgraduate RCVS Certificates in Veterinary Radiology and Small Animal Orthopaedics and a Fellowship by examination in Clinical Nutrition in Cats and Dogs. He is an RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Clinical Nutrition. Mike has worked in academia (at the RVC London and most recently as Associate Professor in Clinical Practice at the University of Nottingham (2009-16), in private practice (1st and 2nd opinion referral) including 11 years in his own practice, and has worked for several pet food manufacturers (including Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Iams) and pharmaceutical companies (including Fort Dodge and Pfizer). He speaks internationally and has published widely on both nutrition and geriatric topics. He wrote one of the first textbooks on Veterinary Geriatric Medicine. He is currently Managing Director of his own company Provet Limited, which provides consultancy services and educational materials and programmes.

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