We manage recumbent patients on a regular basis, and recumbency can occur due to a number of reasons, and whilst the underlying causes is treated, correct management of the patient will prevent the development of further complications and life threatening problems. Recumbent patients should have detailed nursing care plans created, that are individual to their requirements as each patient will be unique and have very different needs. This webinar will look at various aspects of nursing care of these patients including positioning, fluid balance, nutrition and pain management.
Learning objectives
· Understand the respiratory complications which can occur as a result of prolonged recumbency
· Understand how to manage fluid balance in recumbent patients and how to maintain urinary catheters once they are placed.
· Gain knowledge in performing physiotherapy in recumbent patients in order to prevent muscle wasting and maintain range of motion in joints
· Consider the emotional impact of long term hospitalisation of recumbent patients and how we can modify their environment to make hospitalisation less stressful.

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