We are excited to announce an upcoming presentation on postoperative care by Dr. Steve Garnett, DVM, DACVS-SA.
Several aspects of the topic will be discussed including monitoring, analgesic options, and at-home care by owners. The presentation will highlight MeasureOn!, a novel wearable monitoring device. MeasureOn! is a wireless monitor for use in dogs.
There are multiple sizes to suit the needs of the variety of patients we see; from 10-pound terriers to 100+ pound retrievers. MeasureOn! continuously measures and records temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate along with activity level while in use.
This information is then transmitted and displayed through an app on a phone or tablet or the website portal anywhere in the world. ECG can also be monitored using Bluetooth technology.
Hospitals that have implemented MeasureOn! have experienced an increase in the level of care provided to patients, technician efficiency, and earlier detection of complications.
Not only does this improve the level of care to patients, but also puts owners’ minds at ease knowing their pets are receiving around-the-clock monitoring. From routine outpatient spays and neuters to complex abdominal and thoracicprocedures, MeasureOn! has a place in any veterinary hospital.

RACE Approved tracking # 20-1107594

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